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Juan Guarnizo on Qatar as host of the World Cup: “They are real monsters”

Juan Guarnizo is one of the best-known streamers in Latin America and his opinions are highly valued among the community. Recently, the Colombian spoke about the Qatar 2022 World Cup, assuring that the World Cup should not have been organized in that country, leaving aside more interesting proposals.

Juan Guarnizo took advantage of one of his streams to talk about the Qatar 2022 World Cup. He indicated that since last year different brands have sought him out to attend the soccer festival; However, he ended up rejecting them: “I have denied Qatar since 2021. I have received proposals from Qatar for a year, I have denied everything, but the last one arrived 15 days ago, ‘get on the plane, we’ll give you this and this, get out and go’, I told them ‘No, I’m not leaving, I want to be at home, plus Qatar won’t be fun for me’”

Likewise, Juan Guarnizo took the opportunity to reject that the World Cup is being held in Qatar because they violate human rights and impose rules on women: “It seems to me a bland venue. It is strict with its own tourists and with the people who live there (…) They are real monsters and violate human rights, where a woman has to go even with her hair covered and is going to have to go to a World Cup. That seems like shit to me…”.

On the other hand, he stressed that Qatar is not an ideal place for a World Cup and that it is only done there for the money they have.

“It’s not a pretty place. It is a place with money and that is why the World Cup is held there, but if we already go towards human rights, there are not many (…) Now, if I tell you that I am not going for human rights, I would be lying to you. It is not that he refused me with a UN flag, I refused because I simply did not feel like going. Now that more things have come out, over time I say ‘it’s good that I didn’t go’”.

Juan Guarnizo stressed that he will see the World Cup in the same way, but he believes that Latin Americans will not have fun when they go there, since it is not a place to party: “I am going to see the World Cup, but now going to more superficial things, for the Latino going to the World Cup is going to be boring, Qatar is not a venue for chaos, and the World Cup is a party, you can’t have a party in Qatar, at least not one in good conditions where you can enjoy”.

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