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In 2016, Juan started streaming. He primarily broadcast games and discussions. He began to release videos in 2018 that included vlogs and other similar content. He wrote three books at this time. On the fourth, he is currently working. He also represents the KOI group. 

He has a musical background as well. His most popular YouTube video on his channel and biggest hit is RATIO, which has had over 15 million views.

Juansguarnizo Merch

JuanSGuarnizo's Net Worth

Juan S Guarnizo is one of the internet’s most popular Spanish content creators. Despite getting a start in the streaming community around 2016 to 2017, he is currently one of the top creators on both YouTube and Twitch. Not much is known about his personal life but he frequently collaborates with other popular Spanish content creators. Not only that, he has a podcast with Victor Paul “DED” Calderón that translates to “Good Morning North America.”

Guarnizo is currently ranked amongst the top 150 YouTube channels in Mexico. On Twitch, he is the 24th most-watch channel on the platform and the 3rd most-watched Minecraft channel. He currently has around 5.6 million followers on Twitch and around 4.35 million followers on YouTube.

Juan’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million and he is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking streamers on the platform. He is from Columbia but currently lives in Mexico. He is the third most-watched Minecraft channel on Twitch and has gained a humongous following despite stepping into the streaming community in 2016. read blog