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Juan Sebastián Guarnizo Algarra (born January 11, 1997) better known as JuanSGuarnizo or simply Juan Guarnizo, is a naturalized Mexican Colombian streamer and YouTuber , originally from Ibagué, Colombia. Buy Juansguarnizo Merch Here

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This visual artist has gained recognition on YouTube thanks to his varied content, always aimed at entertaining and entertaining his thousands of subscribers. Usually, he uploads gameplays, reaction videos, video game comments, vlogs, collaborations with other YouTubers, and so on.

On October 5, 2019 , he married Abril Abdamari Garza Alonso ( Arigameplays ) , a famous youtuber and gamer whom he met when he was 19 years old and shortly after maintaining a beautiful friendship, they decided to start a sentimental relationship . In June 2019, JuanSGuarnizo proposed to AriGameplays during a vacation period, which he tearfully accepted.

Juansguarnizo Merch

Beginnings on YouTube

Juan Guarnizo opened his YouTube channel in October 2018, where he uploaded a first video entitled ” DED se hació Guapo” where four of his friends participated, streaming on Twitch. This was a good start, as he gained a loyal following who didn’t miss any of his videos.

Later, this Colombian youtuber began uploading reactions to other videos such as “Badabun”, reactions to viral Tweets, gameplays of games that were trending, reactions and funny comments about chapters of the Rose of Guadalupe and funny videos about general events in the world. from the internet.

It was a matter of time before this youtuber obtained great recognition on the platform, without leaving aside his recognized and valued work on Twitch and his participation in social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

Both Twitch and YouTube began as hobbies for JuanSGuarnizo, but he realized the influence he had on the gaming community and the support of his friends, who entertained themselves watching him play, identified mainly with his charisma, good vibes, sense of humor, and personality.

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